Feel loved

"I came out of the retreat feeling very creative, appreciated, and loved."


"This retreat was just what I needed to reconnect with myself and God. It was a time for reflection and healing for me. I will never forget the astonishing beauty that surrounded us." 

~ Kayla 


"I've started eating in a healthier, much more compassionate and sustainable way. I also started thinking more about the way my words and actions impact others,  and am trying to mindfully use empathetic communication in my daily life. I've been able cut back on some of my medications, as well." 

See clearly

"The Praying by the Spirit workshop and the improv group conversations helped me to work through some problems and see myself more clearly."

~ Craig 

Explore nature

"I loved the hike down to the beach valley, hanging out with the sea turtles, and feeling so loved the entire time."

Feel renewed

"Supportive people, I learned a lot, great food, locale was both beautiful and safe, and I felt renewed."

Check Out the schedule from the 2019 Retreat

*subject to change, but it will help you envision what the retreat will be like

Frequently Asked Questions

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