Check Out the schedule for the Nov. 18-25, 2019 Retreat!

*subject to change, but it will help you envision what the retreat will be like

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we eat on the retreat?

Whole food, plant-based, raw vegan, chef-made dishes and delicacies including native tropical fruits like rollinia, soursop, passion fruit, dragonfruit, durian, jackfruit, and more

Where will we be staying

We will be staying in adorable bungalows on the property of a farm animal sanctuary with a view of the ocean :)

There are 4 twin beds and one private bathroom per bungalow. 

We will get a tour of the sanctuary and definitely have opportunity hang out with the animals.

Do I have to be vegan or Christian to attend?

No, you just have to be willing to eat only plant foods during your stay with us! We will also have morning prayer times and attend church together on Sunday. We are excited that you want to give Raw Christian Living a try.